How to control when the temperature of fiber laser cutting machine is too high?

Fiber laser cutting machine will always encounter one or another problems in the processing process, which will affect the cutting quality of processed parts. So how should we control when we encounter the high temperature of fiber laser cutting machine?




When cutting thick plates, there are high requirements for the temperature of the fiber laser cutting machine, which needs to comprehensively consider the adjustment of temperature, the thickness of cutting materials and cutting speed; When the temperature of the fiber laser cutting machine is too high, the cutting effect will mainly indicate that the upper edge of the incision collapses and granular droplets adhere; The second cutting surface is uneven, the roughness is deteriorated, and there is sticky slag.


The key factor leading to the above phenomenon is that the cutting temperature is too high. In the actual operation process, we should offset the abnormal flame temperature based on the cutting performance, and then control the cutting effect through temperature. In addition, when the temperature is too low, the cutting effect is mainly manifested in the slow cutting speed, the occurrence of cutting interruption, tempering and increasing resistance after cutting.




Of course, the problem can also be judged and handled according to the above high temperature state and phenomenon. The fiber laser cutting machine has high requirements for temperature difference control. According to the above methods, the temperature difference of the fiber laser cutting machine can be well solved.

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