How do hand-held laser welding machines weld fish scale lines? You know what?

There are a lot of requirements for metal welding in our life. Hand held laser welding machines are widely used in the market with the characteristics of fast operation, small space occupation and multiple functions. Do you know how to weld fish scale lines with a handheld laser welding machine? We can first understand the light output mode of the handheld laser welding machine:


  1. Spot welding: spot welding mode can be used when there are requirements for penetration or cutting of materials due to small spot and strong energy;


  1. Straight line welding: the width can be adjusted to have a certain penetration to thicker materials. The straight line welding mode can be used in butt welding, wire feeding welding and external fillet welding


  1. “0” type welding: adjustable diameter and uniform energy density distribution; “0” type welding can be used when welding thin plates with high frequency;


  1. Double “0” type: adjustable diameter. Its main function is to reduce the light spot, which is suitable for welding at various angles;


  1. Triangle welding: the width can be adjusted. While reducing the light spot, the energy of the three sides can fully heat the middle and both sides of the plate.


  1. The fish scale welding mode of the traditional welding machine, “fish scale welding”: on the basis of the triangular light emitting mode, continue to increase the light spot, so that the plate is repeatedly heated. The “fish scale welding” mode can be used for large width welding.


The handheld laser welding machine can easily weld fish scale lines without rich processing experience, which alleviates the labor pressure, improves production efficiency and saves labor costs to a certain extent.

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