Laser pipe cutting machine equipment helps the door and window guardrail industry

With the economic development, people have higher requirements for the living environment, which has stimulated the development of the decoration industry. The beautiful, generous and stylish decorative style has also been liked by many people. Therefore, manufacturers and designers have also tried their best to make the design more novel and the materials more exquisite. In the development of door and window industry, laser pipe cutting machine equipment has also become a new favorite in the decoration industry. Do you know the advantages of the application solution of laser pipe cutting machine equipment in the door and window guardrail industry?


In the process of cutting doors and windows, there are many pipes such as square pipes, rectangular pipes, round pipes, oval pipes and special-shaped pipes, and tubular sections such as angle steel, channel steel, I-steel and T-steel, which are all suitable for pipe laser pipe cutting machines; At the same time, the materials that can be processed by the pipe laser cutting machine include carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, copper alloy pipe, titanium alloy pipe and other metal pipe materials.


In addition, the applicable pipes in the door and window industry are diverse and of different diameters. In addition to fully automatic cutting, the laser pipe cutting machine equipment can also carry out oblique cutting, opening, engraving, rotary opening, etc., so as to realize the diversified processing of pipes.


Compared with the traditional stamping process, the laser pipe cutting machine will not exert any pressure on the workpiece during the processing of pipe fittings, and the workpiece will not deform. After processing, the workpiece does not need secondary processing such as grinding, and it is formed at one time; It can improve efficiency and save production costs. Nowadays, pipe laser cutting machine has become a necessary tool in door and window cutting. With the development of Internet of things, Internet and other technologies, intelligence will become the main direction of the future development of the whole industry.

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